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Front Line Metal Fab Durham NC Scam Alert

The worst business ethics know to man
Phones: 984-219-1177
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So in thinking back in the year 2020, a lot of negative things happened but the one that comes to mind in my corner is trying to establish a business relationship with Alex Cudney at Front Line Sheet Metal shop in GA. It not only was a waste of time but they decided to not do the right thing and return my sample items after I informed them that we choose not to do business due to their poor business ethics. Alex not only was a back stabber, he went behind my back to my own business contacts fishing for additional business. If anyone here is thinking of doing business with these scammers, you are welcome to call me. I will tell you just the truth. The icing on the cake came when their secretary told me that they came from a good Military backing and I should give them a break. I to come from a Military family, these partners at Front Line Metal should be ashamed of themselves. Carry on to all the good people here, the strong always survive and karma is a bitch. Stay Strong and lets look forward to a great 2021.

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